Thursday, October 7, 2010

Liu Ren case throughout the second session Documentary

September 10 afternoon news, much the Internet and media industry concerns Donews producer Liu Ren arrested for extortion and other 3 360 odd tiger case (hereinafter referred to as the case of Liu Ren), 10 at 13:00 in the second session, Xicheng District People's Court Liu Ren insisted that his innocence, Hsu pleaded guilty to new things and visit the Central, hoping a lighter punishment. Sentencing is not the case in court.

Key evidence: audio files

10, 13:02 pm, the Beijing Xicheng District People's Court 13th Court, Liu Ren public hearing the case here. Sina science and technology sent to listen to the whole course of the trial.

August 25 the first hearing, Liu Ren, etc. lawyer accused the company of the odd tiger to provide evidence of a sound objection, the court did give the recording began. The audio files recorded Qihoo charge and three related to the defendant by telephone discussions, negotiations and the whole transaction.

Liu Ren's lawyer, said the audio files can be proved, Liu Ren Qihoo company received the money, in addition to remove the negative, but also provide positive publicity services. Liu Ren of counsel, the record before need to go through forensic evidence.

Liu Ren, I said, the recording file is incomplete, Qihoo company only provided the evidence to their advantage.

Xu things attorney said he does not deny that the company collected money from odd tiger, but the recording can be proved, is an odd tiger company to help remove the proposed negative.

Tour Central's attorney, said for the record, which did not mention how much travel the Central, he did not know many things.

The prosecution's Procuratorate of the prosecutor that the recording is just one piece of evidence is already sufficient evidence at present, do not do forensic.

Liu Ren's lawyer later suggested that the company recorded and odd tiger, clearly framed the defendant in the set set. Prosecutors responded that Qihoo private secretly recording, and then report, which is commendable, even rewarded. He retorted, "Is this triad need to solve it?"

Judge requests forensic audio file has not been commented, the trial court to enter the debate session.

Debate site: Liu Ren Xu insisted guilty plea central Tour of new things

Debate session in court, Liu Ren maintain their innocence, Xu things, travel the Central pleaded guilty, but asked the court sentences.

Liu Ren expressed in the debate session, three points:

First, he either subjective or objective and are not blackmail Qihoo on the company's intent;

Secondly, he this time, including ten years in the media industry has never instructed others to extortion;

Third, this company is obviously odd tiger trap him in the spider, Xu things fooled, he can be dragged into it, but he is hard to say where. Liu Ren hope that the judge not to believe the strange tiger who provided incomplete evidence.

Xu said the new thing in the debate, he pleaded guilty, hoping a lighter treatment. Xu's lawyer said the new thing, Xu is an accessory, not a principal, he just actors, not policy makers, the public prosecution evidence can be seen, he was directed by Liu Ren's.

Tour central in the debate, said he pleaded guilty in the hope of lighter punishment.

Prosecutors have not sentenced in court to support something lighter punishment Xu, Tour Central

In the final part of the summary statement, the three defendants and their lawyers have expressed their aspirations.

Liu Ren first judge and the prosecutor apologized, Liu Ren in the trial, "very excited", repeatedly robbed, then direct and prosecutors debate, as "off the 11-month chance to speak today." He said, "If I have offended the presiding judge and the prosecution, I apologize."

Liu Ren concluded, "I hope the Court will only believe that recording, do not believe that statement, because the recording is real, statements can be false. If the judge listened carefully recorded, but also that I am guilty, I plead guilty, I believe the court's authority."

Xu matter concluded that he pleaded guilty, wants the court to deal leniently, "After I was detained, to my family and friends brought a lot of trouble, I'm sorry." Xu lawyers to judge things request for a lighter treatment, something he would like to apply for a new probation Xu.

Tour Central concluded that "after 11 months of detention, I own a clear understanding of behavior." Tour Central's lawyer, said central tour without the knowledge of the many things, asked the court to deal leniently, considering He is young, is a first offense, hoping to be exempted from punishment.

Public prosecution authorities on behalf of the prosecutor, said Xu things, travel the central two young, is a first offense is an accomplice, for their request was dealt with leniently, the Procuratorate support. He also said that Liu Ren refuses to plead guilty, he regretted.

14:30 or so, the presiding judge declared the trial over, he and the jury should be collegial. The court has not sentenced in court and did not announce the next sitting of the time.

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