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CSI Financial Dialogue Sina CEO Qu Xiao-Hua, founder Artus Record

Sina Financial News in Suzhou New District, the global production base for the CSI Canadian Solar Solar Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CSI Artes", stock symbol "CSIQ") in the U.S. time on Nov. 9, 2006 on the Nasdaq ( NASDAQ) successful listing.

Sina Finance has the solar energy industry, CSI Artus listing plans, personal wealth concept and other issues, exclusive dialogue CSI Canadian Solar, Founder and CEO Qu Xiao Hua. The following is the summary of the dialogue.

Not to matter not to have sad hi

Sina Finance: CSI successfully listed in NASDAQ, your holdings into real wealth Jin Yi dollar, please talk about the realization of "flourishes" after the experience? After you choose the overweight, underweight or maintaining the same stake?

Qu Xiao-Hua: In fact, according to a company's current total value of more than 400 million U.S. dollars, not my own, in fact, not a fortune overnight. This is actually a very heavy responsibility, my heart is still very quiet. From students to business, 40 years later, after a lot of Canton; use the old words of Chinese, not to not to have sad things hi. Underweight or overweight is not the intention.

Solar industry to adjust short-term may

Sina Finance: What do you think the current solar industry, including competitive conditions, industry prospects, policy environment, technology level? You most promising solar energy industry chain, which links? The company currently involved in what your link?

Qu Xiao-Hua: First of all a strong sense of history, this industry has been 50 years since. Solar aviation came from the ground in 70 years, its outreach is a very long process, 8090's are a low era. Luoyang company in 2005 laid the foundation stone in my perspective, ten years ago to enter the industry is bleak. The industry has gone through very difficult for many years.

This situation has been changed to today.

The reasons are: the reasons of environmental protection, global warming, climate change, which became a major problem threatening humanity.

The second reason is the limited fossil energy resources in 2004, broke out in Europe, solar energy boom.

Third, the population of developing countries without electricity power, which in western China is a typical example.

Fourth, technology development so that solar energy industry to enter the mainstream of the energy sector. 2003-2005 should be the solar industry, the best three-year history, the market blowout. From the CSI of view, doubling every year of growth.

I think the industry has entered a consolidation period, and the strong get stronger and the weak weaker. Long-term prospects of this industry certainly is true that the policy of the current global trend is also preferred in the solar industry.

Is currently too high raw material costs, short-term, may be a time of readjustment. Two or three years, the industry should enter a technical transition was. This is an opportunity in terms of the Artus a challenge.

We are mainly: silicon materials, particularly semiconductor recovery, solar cell, battery components and battery components, high-volume standard products, high value-added special products. (We are) the A-level Volkswagen suppliers, solar bus stop in London is one of our sign products.

CSI is the second echelon of leaders, but not always for the second

Sina Finance: Do you think, why the area of Jiangsu solar energy companies out of more growth?

Qu Xiao-Hua: I think if that happens to coincide with, but I would like to be rough for several reasons.

Shanghai around a high-tech industry cluster has become a general trend that with outstanding people. I am a person of Suzhou, Changshu, Wuxi Suntech boss is one. Government as the ability of the region's relatively strong.

Sina Finance: You have described the CSI Canadian Solar - "and the Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, one of the leading solar industry." Your company in the industry position itself? You think your company's competitive advantage lies in where? Please briefly CSI several solar companies and domestic relations, including Suntech, Huang Ming, there are also actively preparing for the listing of the fundamental difference between Tianwei Yingli and the strengths and weaknesses on.

Qu Xiao-Hua: As an impartial judge, Suntech leader, Shi total team effort, and I admire.

We Artus is the second echelon of leaders, but we can not always be a second.

From standard products to high value-added products, our products are very special features. The point is that we do business abroad returnees team and the local team a very good team. For example, I have two Canadian companies (Chinese) Vice President do, but the initial start (one). This is the reason foreign investors like us.

Here we talk with them (Suntech, Huang Ming, Tianwei Yingli) relationship. Solar cell and battery components are a peer, are the upstream and downstream with suppliers. Suntech is the eldest brother, is Peer. Emperor Ming is the light and heat, we are photoelectric side. Another Tianwei Yingli is accounted for large shares of state-owned enterprises, we are a pure net foreign students start businesses.

Listing is not listed is followed by

Sina Finance: Do you think, in the solar industry is growing fast in the enterprise is only by means of large-scale public financing in order to seize the opportunity?

Qu Xiao-Hua: not listed is the second listed, mainly the strategic position and team.

Of course, the financing market is a fast process, and we dated from February -11 to complete the financing, very fast.

High-tech Zone, Changshu and leadership to our support for very large, our goal is to make the top ten global solar energy companies. Top Ten leverage that? To become a member of the Solar Alliance, or even the world from class to super-super leap.

Some of the country is more suitable for solar energy companies listed in Hong Kong or Singapore

Sina Finance: CSI Artus Why in the United States? You think the U.S. stock market investors to what extent the recognition of your company? Does this meet your expectations? At present, China's solar energy business looks very keen on in the United States, you think it is coincidence, or has its inevitability?

Qu Xiao-Hua: Select the United States, we are the Canadian context the company, on the North American environment is very familiar with; the U.S. stock market for growth companies in the development of very promising; Third, we have reached a growth of the scale, making our two underwriters are We very much favor in the United States.

China in the United States, I think that is more suitable for certain enterprises listed in Hong Kong or Singapore. They are more suited to them (Hong Kong or Singapore) to communicate, there is there is a copycat situation.

Sina Finance: How do you view this listing CSI Artus time? In a sense, the success of Suntech is listed on accelerating the pace of your company's listing?

Qu Xiao-Hua: very good market timing, the basic business in the United States, just out of the market downturn. In addition, the relative into the solar business peak, but there is no ebb in the stock.

Artus solar energy companies listed on the market with index of significance, through our efforts, but also won the U.S. shareholders of the solar energy industry concerns. 1-managers in the mail to me mentioned, listed Artus "re-open the door to solar energy companies listed."

We (the public) is basically in accordance with the timetable of our own timetable: the February -11 months. We are taking their own steps, we would have been expected in 6 to 12 months to complete this process, but we only took 9 months.

About mergers and acquisitions may not be suitable for China

Sina Finance: The listing of the assets of CSI Artus What? Does it include your company all assets in China? CSI Artus will consider at the appropriate time through mergers and acquisitions to integrate it? Will consider later whether to create the conditions listed in China?

Qu Xiao-Hua: Listed companies in China, including our all of the assets.

On mergers and acquisitions in China's cultural environment, to speak of mergers and acquisitions may not be appropriate in China. We base ourselves on self-development, if the joint win-win opportunity, we welcome it.

Currently, there is no consideration listed in China.

Competition has started with a heavy heart

Sina Finance: Could you talk about CSI Artus listing the opportunities and challenges faced, and how it will respond to increased competition.

Qu Xiao-Hua: The entire solar industry faces major restructuring after years of talking big integrated turbulent phase, the trend is obvious. A complete large-scale downstream firms may enter the production area, we are production-oriented enterprises, it is possible to enter other areas. The near term, a point made in their own development and to hold management of resources, financial resources, will be the development of large-scale vertical integration. CSI is bound to deal with such great opportunities and challenges.

Our competition is global trend, rather than that of China. We need to do is follow the international large-scale enterprises - Sharp, Kyocera and other international companies to start boxing.

Now expected early, but I think has already begun gloves off, white gloves off (in boxing terms, has been taken off the white gloves). So I say my heavy heart, this is the case, because the competition has begun. In particular, China's domestic solar energy industry can develop when - because 90 percent of the market in a foreign company will be very dangerous, at any time may arise because of foreign barriers to larger consequences.

Sina Finance: Your analysis is very comprehensive fair. Registered location in Canada is not also consider this problem?

Qu Xiao-Hua: It is not necessary is not, I myself am a Canadian citizen, and naturally the first venture in Canada, of course, speaking from the fact there are a lot of convenience.

Sina Finance: Thank you for your detailed answers, like CSI growing in the competition.

(According to Record of finishing the dialogue, I examine not the respondents; subtitle, the text in brackets for convenience for the users to read the editor added.)

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